Ticket to Ride: 7 Ways To Travel By Ski Train


On the weekend of March 14 – 15, the Winter Park Ski Train departed from Union Station in Denver with its cars full of excited skiers and snowboarders. It was a blast from the past—six years past, as a matter… Read More →

Ski Quebec: 11 Hot Tips For Crushing La Belle Province


The name Québec comes from the Algonquin word kébec, meaning “where the river narrows.” From the top of La Massif and Mont Sainte Anne, it looks like you could ski right into the St. Lawrence River. It’s one of the most… Read More →

5 Common Myths About Skiing


We’ve demystified the following 5 myths about skiing: 1. Moguls always make skiing harder. Ski resorts spend millions each year catering to skiers’ fear of moguls. Grooming snowcats smooth out thousands of trails each night. However, with a little knowledge… Read More →

5 Most Helpful Tips For Beginner Skiers & Riders


As a Ski Patroller, I love seeing more people coming out to enjoy the slopes as “first timers” and beginner skiers/riders. The following points are really not as much tips as they are the basics: 1. First Time Ever? Pick… Read More →

How I Completed All Destinations Of The Mountain Collective Pass


After three-straight “pineapple express” winters in a row, which brought wet and inconsistent conditions to our southern rocky mountains, I desperately needed a change of scenery and snow-pack. However, like most Southern Californian skiers and snowboarders, I knew my prospects… Read More →

Mountain Riders Alliance: Small But Mighty Ski Areas

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Large ski areas may get most of the attention and press during the winter, but small ski areas have character, soul, and passion. Small ski areas are a great place to learn to ski or snowboard; are family-friendly; and have… Read More →

4 Wonderfully Surprising Things About Ski Portillo in Chile

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It’s hard to be surprised in the 21st Century. With comprehensively informative websites, nearly instantaneous reviews on travel sites and endless opinions on social media, sometimes it seems like the experiences are over before they’ve even happened. Like most travelers,… Read More →

10 Highlights From Liftopia’s #PlayHookyGoSki Photo Contest

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Last week, we launched the official #PlayHookyGoSki contest, asking you guys to share your best photos of you ditching your weekday grind to head to the mountains. We were blown away with all of your responses and rounded up some… Read More →

Riding & Skiing Etiquette: How To Not Be A Jerk On The Slopes

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When you’re a new skier you might act like a jerk without meaning to be rude. You simply may not know the etiquette and rules of the slopes. When you begin skiing, you’ll see signs telling you to follow the… Read More →

The Mountain Collective Returns With New Resort For 2015/16!


The Mountain Collective is back for the 2015/2016 season! With the addition of Banff/Lake Louise/Sunshine last year, we didn’t think it could get any better. Boy, were we wrong… What’s the Mountain Collective Pass, you ask?  It’s the ultimate collection… Read More →