8 of the World’s Most Famous Ski Runs


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and, to some extent, fame is too. What qualifies a ski run to be one of “the world’s most famous” largely depends on where you are in the world and what you… Read More →

Pimp Your Adventure Van: How To Choose Your Ride


I have bad news. It’s something we all know, but it’s something none of us want to face. Winter is over. (Well, for the vast majority of us.) And now I have good news. You can F I N A… Read More →

Snowfall Totals for the 2014-15 Season


The 2014-15 ski season’s snowfall will be remembered for many years to come. Unfortunately, the memory won’t be a good one for several parts of North America. The good news is that the law of averages means that next season… Read More →

Gear Highlight: Awka Skis, Custom Bamboo Skis From Chile


The ski hill —it’s where lifetime friendships are made and celebrated. And it was on a chairlift five years ago that my Dad met Awka Ski co-owner, Jose Luis Aguila Cruz. Jose, originally from Chile, was up skiing Silver Star… Read More →

10 Ways to Survive Mud Season


The resorts are closed, the snow is melting and the weather still can’t decide whether it’s in the mood for tropical-style heat or mood-killing chills. It’s mud season in the high country. And while some people are reveling in the… Read More →

The Need for Speed (On Snow): Fastest Speed Skiing Records


Last month, a new world record was set for the fastest ever descent on a pair of skis. The 35 year old Italian racer, Simone Origone, broke his own world record for a second time, clocking in at 252.632 kilometres… Read More →

Summertime & the Livin’ is Easy: New Summer Activities At Ski Resorts


One of the biggest trends in the ski industry has nothing to do with winter or snow – It’s, in fact, the growth of summer activities and events. Becoming a year-round destination has been the long-term goal of many ski… Read More →

Two Non-Traditional Cardio Workouts to Kick Start Your Off-Season

by / April 29, 2015 / liftopia, Outdoors, Summer

When you’re looking for ways to stay in shape in the off-season, or transition from your favorite winter sport to your favorite summer pastime, sport specific training is best, but it doesn’t hurt to mix it up a bit. Adding… Read More →

The Evolution of Skier Slang — A Highly Academic Discussion on the Anthropological Implications of Chairlift Linguistics


From its inception, skiing has been a sport that appeals to counter-culturists and, like any tribal demographic, it exhibits its exclusivity through the invention of a distinct colloquial jargon. Which is to say, skiing has always had its own lingo…. Read More →

The Season In Review: Top 10 Ski News Stories of 2014-15


The winter of 2014-15 brought a season of change to the skiing and snowboarding world. More accurately, much of the news involved ownership shifts and agreements that would signal changes for the seasons to come. In other words, many of… Read More →