Sieben (7) Ways to Win at Oktoberfest


It’s a well-known fact that mountain folks will use just about any excuse to have a party. Just finished a full day of skiing? Let’s après. Need a bit more snow? Let’s throw a party for the snow gods. St…. Read More →

12 Indoor Water Parks At Ski Resorts Open Year Round


The ski industry’s evolution toward year-round destinations has a twist with the indoor water park trend. While mountain biking and skiing combine for a mostly seasonal pairing, indoor water parks can stay open both in the summer and ski season…. Read More →

Get Your August Snow Fix with these Instagram Follows


If you’re at the office grinding out another day while daydreaming about freshies and faceshots, this post is for you. Help pass the time and get stoked for the upcoming season by following these Instagram accounts. 1. X-Games Medalist and… Read More →

Six All-Season Outdoor Gear Essentials


Editor’s Note: This post was written by Marcel Gremaud of GetOutfitted. I’ve had the same snowboard boots for six years. The base of the right boot nearly completely separates from its partnered top, the laces of my left boot resemble spaghetti squash…. Read More →

White Wedding Ideas: 7 Ways To Tie The Knot On The Slopes


Forget the beach! If you’re a skier or snowboarder, there’s no better place to tie the knot than on the slopes—and it’s no surprise that weddings in ski areas are growing in popularity. The ski areas themselves are getting more… Read More →

4 Non-Profit Ski Areas in the U.S.


Operating a ski area is a very tough business – fickle weather, high capital costs, energy and water expenses for snowmaking, and competition for customers are just a few of the challenges ski areas face in order to turn a… Read More →

Malts in the Mountains: 10 Ski Town Breweries

hero vail brewing company

Some things in life just go together—Peas and carrots. Hipsters and moustache wax. Mountains and beer. Whether you’ve just summited a peak or raced down one with your proverbial hair on fire, there’s nothing quite like a cold one when… Read More →

9 Summer Safety Tips For Those Who Love The Outdoors


Summer is in full swing and it has been a hot one here in Salt Lake City! I’ll admit, on some days, I don’t want to face the heat. Yet I always do because I love to play outside. When… Read More →

Heli Hiking: Backcountry Access In The Summer

by / August 6, 2015 / Camp & Hike, Climb, liftopia, Outdoors, Summer

I’d never flown into the backcountry in summer. My limited helicopter experience always included flying over a landscape concealed in a thick layer of white. Further, I’ve never been much of a day hiker. Hiking always seemed like a chore;… Read More →

Get Ready For Ski Season With These Balance Training Exercises


Given that skiing and snowboarding’s most basic goal is to avoid falling, balance is obviously important. The off-season can be a good time to work on balance skills either at the gym or at home. Related to balance, proprioception is… Read More →